OISE business school

OISE Young Learners, Oxford. A Centre for Derelict Learning

For a service that prides itself on over 40 years’ experience in providing learning services to learners, the school is run like a corporation solely run for the purpose of making a profit. How does the school claim to be the best in providing English language learning services to students from all over the world with such a terrible reputation?

Their teachers who are supposed to be the core foundation of any learning institution’s success are supposed to be thoroughly motivated. Instead, they are unmotivated, held back from any progress and their turnover rate is probably among the highest in the UK. Teachers don’t spend more than a few months due to their salaries which have been described as ‘appalling’. Their commitment to learner education is further discredited by the deplorable student living conditions which are a wonder to anyone who has checked out their ridiculous charges. Their buildings are in such poor condition and it is a mystery how a school located in the best parts of London could escape scrutiny of the local authorities.

The school never gives contracts to their teachers and instead pay them something of an hourly wage. Coupled with the low wages, this has made sure the school will never attract any top talent in its teaching staff. Both the students and teachers are demoralized. That the school has existed for over 40 years and is still such a novice at people management makes it evident that it doesn’t hold any regard for student growth or high academic achievement. They are much keener on getting short-term profits from hard working, cash-paying parents.

Why does the school have so many Russian speakers? If the school promotes an English language ecosystem that promotes the use of English as a primary language of communication, why is there so much Russian flowing around on campus? Back to the issue of profits, where are they channelled? New buildings are not coming up. Maintenance work is never ongoing. Structures are at their worst conditions since the school was built. Teachers are never reimbursed commensurate with the work they do.  What is the money the school is getting doing and where is it going to? Why can’t the management of the school address the issues that have been raised by their staff, students and parents?

It is difficult for a parent to send their child to a foreign country and be worried about how the child is fairing. It is much more difficult for a parent to imagine what might happen to their child knowing they live in such conditions of squalor in a foreign country.

Why are any negative reviews of the school online while so much info about their operation is available? They must have a massive budget for advertising and keeping all the bad reviews out. What should be done in such vagrant cases? We aim to bring this to your attention and hopefully inform the right choice.